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Thanks to the Trapeze ITCS VBZ can monitor and optimize operating conditions and service quality

With a population of  400,000  Zurich is the capital of the Canton of the same name and at the same time Switzerland’s largest city. Due to 1.3 million people in the overall conurbation of Zurich the City and Canton have relied for decades on public transport and boast the world’s most advanced compound operations control system.

The Canton of Zurich and its neighbouring regions on a total of 1,839 square kilometres make up the total area covered by the Passenger Transport Association of Zurich (Zürcher Verkehrsverbund, ZVV) with over 40 transport companies. The total area of the association is divided into eight transport companies in charge of their own markets plus numerous small and mid-sized transport agents. With far more than 1,000 vehicles they transport over 620 million passengers a year.

ZVV is in charge of strategic management, association-wide marketing and financing of public transport. In addition, it ensures that “One ticket for everything” applies in Zurich as a residential and business area.

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